Party to end patriarchy: I need your help!

Feminists! I am making a video for a new song, and I need your help! The song is called Post-Patriarchy Disco and is about the massive fucking party we will have when we finally overthrow the patriarchy. I’m looking for short video clips of women (sisters, not just cisters!), non-binary and gender non-conforming folks dancing in their bedrooms/living rooms (etc.) in anticipation of such an event. These can be filmed on your phone, tablet, laptop etc. and you don’t have to be a good dancer! It’s just about getting some footage of people having fun.

If you want to help, please film a 10 second clip (or two!) of yourself dancing along to this chorus:

Please film it in landscape, not portrait (i.e. turn your phone on its side!), and make sure you’re in a well lit place!

Once you have your clip(s) please send it to me via at by 20th May.

Thank you so much! The video will be released this summer, followed by my new album in the Autumn. Lots more news to come over the next few months…

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