– Sharp Minds, Raised Fists
– They Cut We Bleed
– Pillow Fort EP
– Connections/Departures
– Enduring Freedom
– Ladykillers
– 4 Song Demo
– Live


She Makes Music – October 2019

Interview: Gaptooth

Loud Women – September 2019

Pre-Loud Women Fest 5 Question Interview

East Blam – March 2016

Home grown talent: Electro-pop from Gaptooth

The F Word – December 2012

Part 1: Tired of settling for less: Gaptooth on ‘Ladykillers’

Part 2: “One local radio station came back and said the lyric was too blunt”: Gaptooth on ‘Ladykillers’



Loud Women – October 2017

Stop asking female musicians for their stories of sexism in the music industry

TYCI – March 2016

Taking the power back: Love shouldn’t be a battle



The Devil Has the Best Tuna – September 2013

Gap in the Market


Sharp Minds, Raised Fists

Get in Her Ears –  “It sounds great; a real triumph of song-writing, performance and production. But more than that… it could soundtrack a movement.”

Naz and Ella“It’s the perfect balance between hard-hitting vocals and catchy hooks. The songs will make you sigh, nod, get angry and sometimes even laugh but you’ll want to hit repeat when it’s over.”

Loud Women – “Bright and brash, filled with songs that any of our top tunesmiths would be proud to put their names under the titles of.”

Left Bank Magazine (Post-Patriarchy Disco) – “A feminist anthem that is strong in its lyrics and also undeniably dancey.”

Grrls Like Us – “Just amazing”


They Cut We Bleed – single

Get in Her Ears – “It oozes whirring beats, glitchy electronic melodies and colourful uplifting vibes; the perfect call to arms that we need now more than ever.”

Earthly Pleasures – “This is an intelligent and engaging work of bold indie electronica, which sticks it to the patriarchy in an unflinching manner; yet it’s undeniable pop sensibilities should not be overlooked.”

Fresh on the Net – “This is electronic pop music with bite – sharp, purposeful and powerful… some songs go beyond the every day confines of the pop music game into meaningful social commentary and the striving for justice and fairness in an often brutal world.”

The Organ – “A blast of positive uplifting infectiousness”


Pillow Fort EP

The Von Pip Musical Express – Gaptooth’s brand of engaging feminist pop takes no prisoners but does so with warmth, wit and intelligence whilst providing plenty of food for thought.

The Flux Presents – “An exciting and satisfying collection of four short sharp blasts of wit and musical prowess” – 5/5

The Electricity Club – “full of girl attitude and feisty feminist power”



The Girls Are – “Club-friendly beats alongside retro electronic bubbles and squeaks… Connections/Departures places Hannah Lucy in that premier league of wise, witty lyricism reserved for supreme wordsmiths like Jarvis Cocker and Jenny Lewis.”

The Electricity Club – “A fierce blend of indie electro disco and sexual politics… Gaptooth shows great promise and potential.”

Sounds XP – “Throbbing electro pop, slick and propulsive. It stands out from the crowd by virtue of a sharp lyrical edge.”

The F Word – “What makes Gaptooth stand out is integrity and politics, and these two things give her a bite that enhances her music.”

Sian and Crooked Rib – “Each song is unique and individual, but they are all unmistakably Gaptooth. They are political, personal, feminist, human, angry, witty and catchy.”

Life After BHS – “One thing that stands out throughout is the strength of the lyrics; they are intelligent and thoughtful and clearly convey Gaptooth’s passion.”


Enduring Freedom – single

Pop Justice
Step aside The Placebo Single, there’s a new ‘bloody hell’ opening line of the year.

Collapse Board (Everett True) – “A mutated Euro-beat feminist anthem full of big blowsy choruses and tricky couplets that recalls the heady days of Republica… joyous infectious pop music from East London.”


Ladykillers – single

Camilla Pia (BBC 6 Music) – “Very Bis and Le Tigre-esque… she combines electronic music with scuzzy riffs to danceable effect.”

Ruth Barnes (Other Woman Radio) – “A slice of classic Brit pop which works itself into a mighty fine electro-clash frenzy.”

Annette Barlow (The Girls Are) – “Completely unconvinced by the first few seconds before killer vocals in the chorus and tight lyrics leapt up and sucker punched me in the face. Electro-pop indulgence with great name.”

God is in the TV – “A rather brill 90s-esque post-feminist electro pop tune brimful of personality and thought... Gaptooth is a fiercely good project elevating the (personal) politics of the everyday into thought provoking hook laden pop songs.”

Recharged Radio – “10 points, 10 stars. The track combines the best of electronic music with great rock guitar riffs.”

Pop Blimp – “Gaptooth is the new Garbage!”

Fuse FM – “Beautiful, seductive electropop.”

Labelled Independent – “The highlight is the vocal delivery in the chorus, but a great track all around.”


4 Song Demo

Nightshift – “Coy, girly robo-pop, full of ace bubbling synths and kitchen sink melodrama. Like a girl-fronted Pet Shop Boys crossed with a Cockney Dubstar, Gaptooth are simultaneously deadpan and spiky, recounting the humdrum with a cutesy yobbishness that could be long-lost girl-pop duo Shampoo being taken in hand by Ladytron.”



When the Horn Blows – Loud Women Fest, London, 14/09/2019 – “Gaptooth’s hybrid of synth-pop/disco came laced with biting lyrics. A few highlights from the song ‘Red Flag’ include: ‘you’re toxic and not in the Britney sense’ and ‘we like to stay sexy and not get murdered.'”

Get in Her Ears – The Finsbury, London, 11/05/2018 – “Awesome electro-pop artist Gaptooth wows us with her immense keytar skills and insightful social commentary; topping off the set with an ‘End Of Patriarchy Disco’ that we all so badly need.”

Pussy Whipped – The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, 06/09/2013 – “Gaptooth blends angry and intelligent feminist lyrics with guitar pop, electro beats and an incredible one-woman show!”

Life After BHS – The Dublin Castle, Camden, 08/12/2012 – “I enjoyed what I heard and noted some echoes of Gary Numan in the music that accompanied her clear and thoughtful lyrics.

The F Word – Ladyfest Bristol 2007 Launch Party, 27/08/2007 – “…[Her] style moved between the energy and wit of Le Tigre and a more downtempo vibe, with political lyrics and delivery that reminded me a little of Billy Bragg.”

RockFeedback – Ladyfest Bristol 2007 Launch Party, 27/08/2007 – “Gaptooth has bucket loads of presence up on stage, chatting and interacting with the audience, and her tunes are just so god damn catchy, as the perfect pop song should be.”

Bristol – Louisiana, Bristol, 05/09/2006 – “Punchy songs and wry, intelligent and sometimes humorous lyrics, avoiding all the usual clichés and hackneyed rhymes.”