Connections/Departures has landed

In the time it took to make my debut album, I lived in seven different houses in four towns/cities and travelled to 14 countries on five continents. I earned two university degrees and had eight different jobs. Friends, relationships and family members came and went. I had six feline companions (no, not all at once). Much of it feels like another world now, but the making of Connections/Departures is the one thing that holds it all together.

Today, I’m proud to say the album is finally out. Connections/Departures is available for download from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and loads of other download services. There are also CD copies available exclusively from Bandcamp for (£7 plus postage). I’m posting reviews of the album up on the press page as they come in – expect a few more over the next few days. There’s no big launch party as I don’t have the budget for it but I plan to organise some gigs over the next few months.

I’m grateful to everyone who has helped out, whether through helping to record the album, making videos, driving me to gigs, coming to see me play live, taking photos, writing reviews, sharing contacts, offering advice, providing moral support, buying the singles, posting on social media or in any other way. Your support means a lot.

For a limited time only you can stream the full album on Soundcloud – after that you’ll just have to buy it!

The best part about finally getting this album out – apart from the fact that you all get to hear it – is that I can now devote more time to making the next one. A have a few songs on the go already – let’s hope this one doesn’t take quite as long to record…

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