Enduring Freedom single out 29 July

I’m excited to announce that my second single, Enduring Freedom, will be released on 29 July!

The title ‘Enduring Freedom’ came from the name of the joint US/UK military operation in Afghanistan, although the song has absolutely nothing to do with that. In fact it’s the only song I’ve written that could really be called a love song.

The track is a duet with Oli Horton, lead singer of synth pop band Trademark. I met the band when I was working for Truck Records, and helped with the release of their 2004 debut album Want More. After the awesome Raise the Stakes (2007), which is one of my all time favourite albums, they’re now working on their third studio album.

The single features a remix by Trademark and a synth pop cover version of the 1969 Mama Cass hit Make Your Own Kind of Music, which I came to know as Desmond Hume‘s theme song in Lost. You can listen to all three tracks below.

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