Just A Girl competition – I need your votes!

Exciting news! I have been selected as one of the final 15 entrants to The Girls Are‘s competition Just a Girl, to win a slot playing live at Ladyfest Ten in November!Just A Girl

Ladyfest, in case you’re not aware of it (where have you been?) is a kind of movement of DIY festivals celebrating women in music, the arts and much more. Every Ladyfest is run totally independently, so each has its own flavour if you will, but there have been Ladyfests all across the world, since the first one was organised in Olympia, Washington in the year 2000. In 2007, I was closely involved in organising Ladyfest Bristol, and played at the festival’s launch party at The Cube, supporting the brilliant Anat Ben David.  Ladyfest Ten, to be held in London, celebrates the 10th anniversary of that first Ladyfest, and promises to be all kinds of awesome.

Now the final 15 entrants have been chosen, we go to the public vote, before the 6 entrants with the highest votes go on to play in a live finale where the judges will pick the winner.  This is why I need your help!

Voting closes on 6th October 2010.  To cast your vote, go to the long list where you can listen to all 15 of us and see what the judges had to say.  There are some very talent ladies on that list and I’m very excited to be among them!  You can cast your vote using the poll at the bottom.

Even if I don’t get through, this is a great opportunity for lots of people to hear my music! But of course, I would be ecstatic to play at Ladyfest Ten, so I hope you will take a minute to vote for Gaptooth!

Gaptooth on Twitter!

I have finally given in and created a Twitter account. You can find me at

I have also posted some new photos up on the photos page – more about that soon, as well as on the Just a Girl competition…

New video – Recording at Dreamtrak 20/06/2010

This is my first attempt at making a short video of a Gaptooth recording session.  I have uploaded to my YouTube channel a video I made the weekend of my last post, of me recording with A Scholar and a Physician at Dreamtrak Studio.

The plan next is to make some edits to the recording of Ladykillers, with Staz of A Scholar and a Physician fame on drums.  I’ll keep you posted…

New Gaptooth tracks online

This weekend I’ve been at Dreamtrak Studio recording a couple of tracks with A Scholar and a Physician.

You can now listen to these two tracks on Facebook and on MySpace. The first is called Enduring Freedom – in case you’re wondering, no it’s not about Operation Enduring Freedom, but that is where the phrase came from. I liked the idea of freedom as something to be endured. The song was written in 2008/9 and features Oli Trademark on vocals.

The second song, Whole Crazy Thing, is a much older one. The lyrics to the chorus were surgically removed from the verse of a song I wrote when I was still at school (circa 1999 maybe?), and the verse lyrics were written in 2001. I wrote the music when I was using the song for a collaborative project with Todd at Greyday Records, and I liked it so much I decided to record a version for use as a Gaptooth track.

Hopefully there won’t be such a long wait until the next new songs are online!