Pre-order Connections/Departures on CD!

Good news – CD copies of my album have arrived! They will go on sale on 18 November but you can pre-order your copy now on my Bandcamp page for just £7 (plus shipping) and it will be sent to you on the release date. When you pre-order the CD or the mp3 album you will immediately get a download of the track ‘Tigerstrikes’, which is exclusive to the album and is one of my favourite tracks on there. You can also now listen to a preview of the album (one minute from each track) on my Soundcloud page.


Because my releases are fully self-funded from my own pocket, I ordered all the parts separately and so assembled all 250 copies myself in front of the TV (watching Lilo & Stitch and Four Lions – two of my favourite films of all time).

Promotion of the album is still on-going, mostly involving long evenings in front of my laptop sending emails to people who receive too many emails about new music. Self-releasing music involves a lot of this sort of work – making spreadsheets, pricing things up, checking artwork proofs, stuffing envelopes. It can be quite isolating, but it’s also gratifying when people buy your music, listen to it online, turn up to gigs, or write nice reviews. That’s when all those hours staring at a computer screen really start to feel worthwhile.

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